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The Truth Behind Popular Pet Bird Food Myths Know the facts behind popular pet bird food myths regarding seeds, pellets, table foods and more. By Susan Chamberlain

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Popular Pet Bird Food Myth # 1
Sunflower seeds are addictive. 

There is nothing in sunflower seeds that would cause true addiction. Parrots simply enjoy sunflower seeds, and many would eat them to the exclusion of everything else if permitted. The truth about sunflowers and other seeds is that they are often high in carbohydrates and fats and deficient in vital nutrients. Pet birds that are fed seed exclusively may become overweight and even develop illnesses, such as atherosclerosis and fatty liver disease.

Popular Pet Bird Food Myth #2
Seeds are bad.

Seeds are bad when eaten to the exclusion of anything else, yet there are many good things in seeds, including fat, carbohydrates, some vitamins and trace elements. Seeds fulfill a pet bird’s psychological need for “working” for its food, because the bird must use its beak to crack open the seed. Seeds are typically low in calcium, and some vitamins, including the important Vitamin D3 and lysine, one of the essential amino acids. Certain birds, such as finchescanaries andbudgies, subsist on predominantly seed diets in their native habitats. Consult your avian veterinarian for specific advice about your pet bird’s individual requirements.

Popular Pet Bird Food Myth #3
Pellets are perfect.

In most cases, a formulated avian diet (pellets, crumbles, etc.) offers excellent nutrition. Manufactured extruded or pelleted diets are the result of years of research and testing,  and are often recommended by veterinarians, breeders and other avian professionals.

Pellets are easy to use, and the mess associated with seed hulls is reduced. There are some species-specific pellets on the market and, because some pet birds are sensitive to the colors used in certain formulas, “no color added” versions are often available.

Bird owners often report major difficulties in coaxing a seed-eating bird to convert to pellets. Young pet birds sometimes prefer to eat their pellets moistened rather than dry. Remove uneaten portions of moistened pellets from the cage after a few hours, because bacterial growth may contaminate the soaked food. Replace wet pellets with a dry portion. If your bird is on a “pellets-only” regimen, consult package directions and your avian veterinarian for guidance on supplements (vitamins are usually not advised) and recommended portions of fruit, vegetables and other fresh foods.

Popular Pet Bird Food Myth #4
All varieties of avocados are poisonous to all birds.

Although some varieties and parts of the avocado are considered more toxic than others, it is generally safer to not feed your pet bird any part of the avocado plant or fruit. Some bird breeders, such as lory breeders, have fed their lories avocados without a problem, so some bird species don’t have an averse reaction to some avocado varieties. The toxic fatty acid derivative, called persin, is found in the leaves and possibly other parts of the avocado.

Where does the recommendation come from to not feed your pet bird avocados? According to “A Guide to Plant Poisoning of Animals in North America,” avocado poisoning was first reported in 1942 in California, and its toxin — at the time not precisely identified— affects cattle, horses, goats, canaries, budgies, cockatiels, ostriches and other birds and animals. Ostriches have died of congestive heart failure within 96 hours of eating the fruit and leaves of avocados. Symptoms of avocado poisoning in other birds include respiratory distress and sudden death.

Popular Pet Bird Food Myth #5
Our pet birds can eat anything we eat!

Many birds love pasta and other people food, and clamor for their share at dinnertime. Sure, parrots likemacawscockatoosAmazon parrots and other pet birds enjoy and even benefit from portions of people food, but your pet can also suffer digestive upsets and other problems when it tries to “eat like a human.” If you’re going to feed people food, follow these tips:

1) Chinese, Japanese and most other Asian foods are too highly salted to be safe for birds. Potato chips, salted nuts and processed foods are high in salt and fat as well.

2) French fries and other fried foods are often loaded with salt and fat. Fat especially is problematic in overweight macaws and Amazons, which are prone to high cholesterol and lipemia (fat in the blood) and atherosclerosis.

3) Dried fruit preserved with sulfites may not be the best choice for your pet bird. People sometimes have acute hypersensitivity reactions to sulfites, so an animal as small as a bird may have an even greater sensitivity to them. In many cases, we have to rely on guidelines we use for ourselves until someone discovers that the ingredient affects birds as well.

4) No cheese please! Many of us have heard stories about crop impactions resulting from mozzarella cheese, the melted cheese used on top of pizza. So when your bird begs for a piece of your slice, make it a tiny, cheese-free portion. The high-salt content of most cheese makes it inadvisable to feed birds more than occasional tidbits, as salt toxicity may result. Birds are lactose intolerant and, although lactose is mostly processed out of cheese, restrict other dairy products as well.

5) Is your bird a “spaghetti hawk?” Follow these avian health guidelines: Cook pasta in unsalted water. Avoid salty ingredients, such as olives, anchovies, cheese, ham or other processed meats. Sausage, pepperoni and similar meats contain a lot of fat, salt and preservatives. Remove them from your bird’s treat menu.

6) White sauces, such as Alfredo, consist mainly of cream and butter and don’t belong on an avian menu. Plain marinara sauce is usually safe if used in moderation. When you make a big pot of sauce, reserve a little plain tomato sauce for your bird prior to adding meat.

7) Reheat leftovers to kill bacteria, then cool before offering them to your pet bird.

8) Remove uneaten portions from your bird’s dish after an hour.

Conure FAQ

Clarifying conuresNo. 1: Is A Conure A Parrot?

Yes a conure is a parrot in the Aratinga, Pyhurra, Nandayus, Enicognathus or Cyanoliseusgenus. The most common conures are in the Aratinga genus, followed by conures in the Pyrhurra genus.

**For the full article, pick up the March 2011 issue of BIRD TALK at your local retailer or by purchasing a PDF download here.**

Health 101: African Species Your need-to-know health information for African greys, Poicephalus & lovebirds.

Americans seem to love to keep African greysAfrican parrots are popular pets in the United States. They are characterized by a stocky build, short, blunt tail and a relatively large, sharp beak. The more commonly kept African parrots are the African grey, several members of the Poicephalus genus and several species of lovebird. As a veterinarian who is also the owner of two Meyer’s parrots, I have come to really enjoy the personalities of African parrots.

**For the full article, pick up the January 2011 by purchasing a PDF download here.**

Probiotics – What are they and does your bird need them?

The scoop on probioticsNot a day goes by that we aren’t bombarded by advertisements for a new yogurt, pill or supplement with probiotics in it, informing us that probiotics can improve colon health, make us more regular, enhance our immune system and help prevent infections. Can a supplement containing probiotics really do all these things? And can they do the same for our avian friends?

**For the full article, pick up the January 2011 issue by purchasing a PDF download here.**

8 Manzanita Hard Wood Foot Bird Toy Macaw Cockatoo Parrot Parts 3-4″long MZ-F8

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Harvested and Hand-Crafted in the USA!

Bring a Piece of Nature Back into Your Bird’s Life!

Make your own indestructible bird toys!

You are bidding on Organic Manzanita Foot toys for making your own bird toys or for using as a toy by themselves. These are HUGE chunks of manzanita with 1/4″ natural sisal rope tied on with an additional hole in the center for making a larger toy. Manzanita is a similarly dense wood to that of Manzanita and is entirely bird-safe. We will send you a Small USPS priority flat rate box filled with 8 manzanita foot toys. If you have a Macaw, large Amazon or Cockatoo, these would be ideal. 

Manzanita is a very dense wood and yet offers a great texture to satisfy your parrot’s chewing and gnawing needs.

Each Manzanita foot toy is approximately 3-4″ long and 1″ thick in various shapes. Each has a 3/8″ hole which is perfect for using with 1/4″ rope or Nickel-Plated Chain.

      PAYMENT: We accept PayPal. If your PayPal shipping address is unconfirmed please e-Mail us to confirm. Payments must be made in full prior to shipment.  

Terms: Payment is expected to be made within 5 days of auction close unless prior arrangements have been made (we can accommodate special circumstances). If payment is not received within 7 days a Non-Paying Bidder (NPB) warning will be filed with eBay. By entering a bid or making a purchase, you are entering into a legal binding contract to purchase the item described above.


Item must be returned within 14 days from delivery date.

Refund will be given as merchandise credit. 

Details: If the items are as described, we will offer a Merchandise Credit. In most cases this will minus shipping and eBay fees, although if it were a blatant mistake by us we’ll pay everything and refund in full. Bottom line, we want you happy!


Shipping & Handling is a flat rate of $4.95 by USPS Priority Mail. Whenever possible, we will combine shipping to save you money. Yet sometimes flat rate is still the most economical method.

We will combine shipping whenever possible. Order  toy parts, perches & more  with this and save $$ on shipping costs!

Processing & Shipping Transit Times

Every item is carefully packaged to be sure it gets to you in excellent condition. You can expect 3 business days after payment has cleared for your package to be dropped-off at our nearest receiving facility. From there, the carrier will deliver it to you. On the day of shipment, you will receive a tracking number via email for you to conveniently track the progress of transit. FedEx Ground typically delivers within 3-5 business days; and USPS within 2-5, however, this may not always be consistant as holidays or other factors may cause these numbers to be a bit different. Below is a national map of approximate transit times.

Parrot Bird Stand – why sandblasted manzanita?

Manzanita is a wood that is commonly used for bird perches, bird stands and toys alike and for good reason.  Manzanita is a very hard wood with naturally occurring oils that are healthy for our parrots. It’s density is helpful for lasting quality and will give them a challenge when they feel the urge to chew. Among manzanita stands there are a couple varieties that can be found which would include a natural red and a sandblasted version. There should be no confusion, both are “natural” but one has had the bark removed through a process of a high pressure/volume of air/sand which is “blasted” at the wood to remove the bark. Consider this:

  • Sandblasted parrot tree stands and perches have a rough surface making it easier for parrots to grip whereas “natural red” manzanita has a very smooth surface. While it is recommended for all parrots, it is especially important for young parrots who have developing muscles. In addition to young parrots, Eclectus’ have a naturally weaker grip than the average parrot. Many Eclectus owners use sandblasted manzanita stands for this reason alone.
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Be Your Bird’s Personal Shopper

Retrieved from BirdTalkMAG

Your shopping list for your bird, at times, can be pretty long: pellets, seed, treats, fresh produce, toys, perches, cleaning supplies — it can go on and on. But being your bird’s personal shopper isn’t just about picking up the day-to-day supplies; it’s about picking the products your bird likes and also products your bird doesn’t yet know it loves…. >Read MORE    

Visit Manzanita Habitats Parrot Stands eBay Store

You’ll find exotic Sandblasted Manzanita Parrot Tree Bird Stands. It is our goal to bring a piece of nature back into your parrot’s life & Get’em outta the cage! You’ll find Manzanita Play Stand, Bird Perch, Bird Toy, Table Top Gyms & more! Bird supplies for a pet bird of any size from a Cockatiel to Macaw

Does your parrot have a perfect perch?

Here is an interesting article from BirdTalk mag about “perfect perching” for your parrot. Click the link below to view:

Manzanita Parrot Tree Stand Bird Perch Play Gym Toy


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A Great Price …$199 BIN! $20-$40 Shipping??!!…yes!
We are happy to be able to offer what is perhaps the best price available for a full size Sandblasted Manzanita Stand of supreme quality.
Over the past few years shipping expense has drastically increased and we have spent an extensive amount of time and thought about how to conquer this barrier. This new design is just what everybody has needed. We are very excited to be able to ship this full size sandblasted manzanita parrot stand to the lower 48 states from $20-$40 (depending on your location). Shipping to Alaska & Hawaii is available too. International rates are also relatively inexpensive (from about $70-$110). An exact shipping quote is only a few clicks away! Click on the “Shipping & Payments” tab above and type in your zip code.
Versatility …interchangeability & inexpensive replacement…yes!
Besides the 2 stationary branches which have been mounted with entirely hidden hardware (non-accessible) to your parrot, there are 18 other branches ~10″ long which are interchangeable among 18 different locations on the tree stand. These connect via machine threaded connectors. Assembly is a breeze and when branches are mounted, ALL hardware is hidden and non-accessible to your parrot. We have found that the “shiny” places seem to be where birds like to chew first–this is not a good thing if these “shiny” places are what hold the tree together. That’s just one reason why purchasing tree stands without plugged hardware is not a good idea. Your bird would have it destroyed in no time and you’d be left with a pile of unusable wood. All of our tree stands, including our Premium Sanblasted Manzanita Stands, have entirely hidden hardware.
Because ALL 18 branches are interchangeable, this makes it easy to replace them. In fact, we have even made an entire replacement kit of 18 branches available in our store from $39.99-$59.99 (depending on the diameter). Birds like to chew on wood, and depending on the size and temperament of your bird, its a matter of time before the branches will need to be replaced. Replacing the branches and not the whole tree is much more cost effective for you. In fact, you might consider purchasing a replacement set along with a tree and save on shipping!
Durability …buy lasting quality!…yes!
Manzanita is a very dense wood, in fact, it is considered the 6th hardest wood in the world. It will outlast any other when it comes to satisfying your bird’s need to chew and gnaw. The impeccable quality of our construction will only add to this dynamic.
Mobility …home, office; wherever you are, your bird can be…yes!
This parrot stand is equipped with (4) 2 1/2″ furniture grade dual wheel locking casters. These make it easy to move around when assembled. Assembly is also very simple and the stand could easily be broken down and taken with you on your travels.
Safety …of greatest importance…yes!
We use 100% bird-safe materials on our products. We also sand down any potentially hazardous “pointy” areas on the branches to ensure safety.
Cleanliness …yes!…
This stand is equipped with a seed catcher made from an easy cleanable melamine surface completed with routed and sanded Douglas Fir trim. While we all know that birds are going to make a mess regardless, but the seed catcher does function to eliminate a large part of this. This stand can also be broken down and scrubbed clean with ease.

Say “YES!” Your decision to provide a tree stand for your parrot is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding the health and well-being of your parrot. Next to a cage, there isn’t anything that can improve your parrots day to day life than having a Sandblasted Manzanita Parrot Tree Stand from Manzanita Habitats.

Unlike other Parrot Stands, such as Java, our Manzanita is harvested and hand-crafted in the United States. Support the domestic market!

Just a few considerations:

A Favorite Place. Our Manzanita Parrot Tree Stands will provide your parrot with a Favorite Place to hang out during the day.

Entertainment & Excersize. Will provide your Parrot with a great source of entertainment and exercise. The natual curves, bumps and texture of our Sandblasted Manzanita will provide your parrot with the necessary foot conditioning and stimulation required to maintain their health. The Cage can get awfully boring. Our Tree Stand Habitats will give your parrot a change of scenery and get him out of his cage.

Satisfies Chewing & Gnawing Needs. With Manzanita being rated the 6th hardest wood in the world, our Manzanita Habitats provide your parrot with the best wood to satisfy their need to chew and gnaw.

Fun. We know that your parrot will love their Manzanita Habitat and we’re quite sure that you will too.

SHIPPING & HANDLING IS CALCULATED depending on your zip code and is available worldwide. We are very excited to be able to ship this full size sandblasted manzanita parrot stand to the lower 48 states from $20-$40 (depending on your location). Shipping to Alaska & Hawaii is available too. International rates are also relatively inexpensive (from about $70-$110). An exact shipping quote is only a few clicks away! Click on the “Shipping & Payments” tab above and type in your zip code. Also includes insurance for your full purchase price.

SHIPPED by USPS Parcel Post. Priority Mail is available.

Exotic Sandblasted Manzanita Parrot Tree Bird Stands. It is our goal to bring a piece of nature back into your parrot’s life & Get'em outta the cage! You'll find Manzanita Play Stand, Bird Perch, Bird Toy, Table Top Gyms & more! Bird supplies for a pet bird of any size from a Cockatiel to Macaw

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